Propolis Untuk Ubat Buasir ( 2in1- Sapuan & Minuman)


  • Satu Formulasi Khas Antibiotik Semulajadi; Anti-bakteria, virus dan kulat
  • Tiada alkohol, bahan beracun, atau bahan asing.
  • Propolis is a formulation of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory
  • Contains no alcohol, or wax
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Kelebihan Propolis Avail:

    • Anti-barah

      • Diformulasi khas untuk membantu mencegah pertumbuhan sel barah

      • Mengurangkan kesan negatif rawatan barah

    • Antibiotik Semulajadi

      • Anti-bakteria, virus dan kulat.

    • Anti-pengoksidaan

      • Membantu menentang radikal bebas

      • Melambatkan proses penuaan

    • Membantu mengawal penyakit kencing manis

      • Membantu mengaktifkan hormon insulin

    • Membantu mengurangkan jangkitan saluran pernafasan

    • Menguatkan saluran darah dan membantu peredaran darah

    • Membantu masalah gastrousus

    • Membantu mengurangkan masalah alahan

    • Membantu masalah sakit puan seperti keputihan, jangkitan kuman pada pundi kencing (kencing kotor)


Propolis is known as a product of bees that is beneficial and used since the ages of the Greeks, Egyptians etc. Propolis AVAIL is extracted from propolis in the forest of Amazon, since the best propolis is from Brazil. The benefits of Propolis AVAIL are:

  • anti-cancer

    • Assyrians are known to use propolis to fight tumours and heal wounds. Propolis helps to keep cancerous cell from multiplying, ensure the cancerous cells do not signal each out or in contact with each other. Thus, stop them from spreading the other parts of the body

  • natural antibiotic

    • Functions as anti-virus, anti-fungal, helps with the immune system

  • anti-oxidant

    • Decrease and control effect of free radicle

    • slow down ageing process

  • helps with diabetes problem

    • propolis is proven to help in activating insulin hormone. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible in controlling the sugar levels in our body

  • helps to avoid infection in lungs and respiratory system

  • helps to strengthen blood capillaries

  • helps in digestion and colon¬†

  • useful for women’s health such as discharged, urinary tract infection (UTI) etcetera.

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